DIALux is a software for professional light planning. DIALux is free of charge and is available on our website as a download in many different languages.

On installing DIALux you agree to the terms and conditions of use. Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully. At the end you will be asked to accept these terms and conditions and may then continue with the installation. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you cannot use DIALux.


In accordance with these terms and conditions you may install DIALux on a hard disc or any other storage medium. For the purpose of data backup you may make backup copies of DIALux. You may not make and/or distribute any copy of DIALux for commercial distribution and sales.


The structure, configuration and code of DIALux contain valuable trade secrets and confidential data of DIAL GmbH and her project partners. You undertake neither to change nor to amend, transfer, retranslate, decompile or disassemble data nor to make any other attempt to identify, to copy or to change the source code of DIALux.

DIALux is and remains the property of DIAL GmbH. DIAL GmbH is the owner of DIALux and as such holds all copyrights and moral rights and expressly relinquishes none of these rights.

The copyright of all aspects of DIALux is protected in accordance with the substantive law of Germany. Over and above this, European Union guidelines and regulations, international agreements and any other applicable laws of copyright apply. Even when used internationally DIALux is still governed by German laws of copyright and in all events is subject to the relevant copyright laws of all countries in which DIALux is used. References to copyright, source data and trade marks may not be changed or removed.


You may download DIALux free of charge. You yourself bear the costs for Internet access, which may depend on the time and volume of data involved.

You download, install and use DIALux at your own risk. DIAL GmbH grants no warranty and bears no liability for any direct or secondary damage, including loss of profits or savings, or for failure resulting from the use of DIALux or any complementary material. You herewith waiver the right to bring any claims against DIAL GmbH for damages which might arise from these circumstances.


In particular DIAL GmbH bears no liability for the plugIns of different partners which are integrated into DIALux, neither for the content, nor for the compatibility, nor for their usability.

In particular DIAL GmbH bears no liability for information provided by its partners.

DIAL GmbH bears no liability for the performance of DIALux or for the results which you achieve through the use of DIALux or complementary material.

DIAL GmbH bears no liability either expressly or by implication for the violation of the rights of any third party through your use of DIALux, nor does DIAL GmbH guarantee that DIALux conforms to all standards or is suitable for any specific purpose.

DIAL GmbH assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to any claims brought by third parties.

There is neither limitation of liability nor exemption from liability with regard to claims for damages resulting from personal injury, bodily harm or damage to health.

Insofar as DIAL GmbH bears no liability, this applies also to the partners of DIAL GmbH and affiliated companies including personal liability of all staff, employees, representatives and vicarious agents.


Insofar as not superseded by international law, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

Court of jurisdiction is Luedenscheid.