We have integrated in DIALux the European standard EN 13201, which defines the calculation of standardized streets. This standard allows only straight roads. The length of the road is determined by DIALux automatically from the existing parameters of the standard. Therefore, the user can attempt to make adjustments here. However, you have the possibility to simulate a customized street to your needs in an exterior scene. For this please use the ground elements and standard objects to construct the scene. By means of a street-valuation field that can be found in the objects tree under the calculation surfaces, you can perform the required determination of the luminance. The observer is thereby 60m in front of the valuation field at a height of 1.5m. Please note that due to the very narrow definition of street lighting standard it is easy to lose the informative value by using this calculation surface, in terms of meeting the requirements of the EN13201. DIALux simulates a calculation according to the norm even although the norm is not fullfiled.

Tip: You can also make use of the function used to insert a defined standard street in an exterior scene. For this please open by right-clicking the context menu of the street in the project tree and select "Insert street into exterior scene". This saves you the construction of the street in the exterior scene, as all road elements are automatically converted into ground elements.