Frequently for the shapes of certain rooms or objects it becomes necessary to create a calculation area with polygonal geometry in order to provide evidence of the required illuminance values. This you can deal with quite easily in DIALux by doing the following:

  • Insert a calculation area into the shapes of defined spaces and objects (objects > calculation area).
  • Should you wish to provide evidence of vertical illuminance, rotate the calculation area accordingly on the X, Y and Z axis.
  • Now click with the right mouse button on the calculation area and select the command “Edit calculation area”.
  • With a further click with the right mouse button on the selected calculation area you can now draw a polygon.
  • If necessary, use the snap functionality (snap on DXF background, snap on helping lines, snap objects etc.).
  • With a further right mouse click you can end the polyline.
  • Now you can confirm the new geometry of the calculation area in the project manager with OK.