The user may decide between the simplified maintenance plan method or its extended counterpart according to DIN EN 12464 for both interior and exterior scenes. Those are to be found by clicking the second level interior or exterior sign within the project manager.

1. The simplified „all inclusive“ method is signified by using a single factor for all luminaires in this project.
2. The detailed solution gives further options:

  • General setting of Ambient Conditions and Maintenance Intervall using the drop-down fields or
  • Detailed specification of Maintenance Intervall for a single luminaire or luminaire arrangement.

The set-up can be done by either right-clicking using the context menu within the CAD window or using the project tree directly selecting the luminaire.

There is a preconfigured choice for “Maintenance Intervall Luminares”, “Luminaire Type”, “Operation Hours” and “Lamp Type”. The replacement interval of the lamps can be given in years.

Using specific multipliers the DIALux user is able to calculate the maintenance factor (MF) of each luminaire manually. This is done by an automatic multiplication of the aspects that are entered in their associated fields:  RSMF (Room Surface Maintenance Factor), LMF (Luminaire Maintenance Factor), LLMF (Lamp lumen Maintenance Factor) and LSF (Lamp Survival Factor). The numbers needed to be filled in should be made available by the lamp supplier/manufacturer and the user of the property.

As usual the output is possible by using the “Output” tag within the project manager or alternatively by exporting the data in RTF (Rich Text Format) for further use by other software appliances.