Magnetic ballasts are chokes which limit the current passing through a lamp connected in series on the principle of selfinduction. The resultant current and power are decisive for the efficient operation of the lamp. A specially designed ballast is required for every type of lamp so as to comply withlamp rating in terms of Luminous Flux, Color Appearance and service life.

Ballast quality criteria

A good ballast combines low power consumption (low ballast losses = high efficiency), long service life (even at extreme temperatures) and constant rating performance. To avoid the risk of fire and damage to the ballast, over temperature protection with an automatic cutout should be incorporated. The markings of the various national testing institutes (VDE, ÖVE, KEMA etc.) indicate that the product meets the prescribed standards of engineering and safety.

There are two types of magnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps:

  • KVG Conventional ballasts = the EC-A series

  • VVG Low-loss ballasts = the EC-B series

Low-loss ballasts have a higher efficiency, which means reduced ballast losses and a lower thermal load.