The various subjects relating to modern lighting technology are dealt with in depth in the Handbuch für Beleuchtung This is the standard reference work for everyone whose work involves questions of light and lighting. The manual, which is now in its 5th edition, is published by the Lighting Engineering Societies of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands (LiTG, LTAG, SLG, NSVV). This work has served as a source for many of the explanations provided in the DIALux Help texts without acknowledgement in the individual case.

The following is a list of the basic and commonly cited standards and regulations in the field of lighting technology (D, A, CH, NL, international):

National standards and regulations

  • DIN 5031
    Radiation physics in the optical range and lighting technology

  • DIN 5032
    Light measurement

  • DIN 5034
    Daylight interior lighting

  • EN 12464
    Artificial lighting of interiors

  • DIN 5036
    Radiometric and photometric properties of materials

  • DIN 5037
    Photometric evaluation of spotlights

  • DIN 5039
    Light, lamps, luminaires

  • DIN 5040
    Luminaires for lighting purposes

  • DIN 6169
    Color rendering

  • DIN 66234
    VDU workstations

  • ASR 7/3
    Artificial lighting

  • ÖNORM 1040
    Artificial lighting of interiors

  • SEV 8910
    Measurement and evaluation of lighting systems

  • SEV 8911
    Daylighting of interiors

  • SEV 8912
    Artificial lighting of interiors

  • NEN 1890

International standards and regulations

  • CIE No. 29.2
    Guide on interior lighting

  • CIE No. 55
    Discomfort glare in the interior working environment

  • IEC 598
    Luminaires, General requirements and tests