The lighting industry today offers a wide range of light sources for a variety of lighting situations and requirements. The various lamp types differ not only in size and shape but above all with regard to the light generation processes involved, and to such factors as power, luminous flux, color of the light, base system, etc. The commonest types of lamps in use today can be divided into two main groups, namely discharge lamps and fluorescent lamps and thermal radiators.

The thermal radiators include:

  • Incandescent Lamps
  • Mains Voltage Tungsten Halogen Lamps
  • Low-voltage Halogen Capsule Lamps

The discharge lamps and fluorescent lamps include:

  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • High-pressure Mercury Lamps
  • High-pressure Sodium Lamps
  • Metal Halide Lamps

The various properties of the different lamp types play an important role in modern lighting engineering and greatly influence the visual atmosphere created by a lighting system.