The problem with "My Database" in DIALux 4.13 is caused by an incorrect Microsoft update and can be solved by uninstalling the KB4493509 update or subsequent updates.

Because Microsoft constantly repackages updates and replaces updates with new updates, it is sometimes difficult to see which update is the problem now.

With the help of the following link you can follow in which updates the changes are contained or can be:

If you want to uninstall this Microsoft update to solve the DIALux 4 problem, you have to decide for yourself.

Our strategy for the future is that DIALux evo is the successor of DIALux 4.13 and we will only continue to develop DIALux evo in the future. The support of our software DIALux 4.13 will be continued.

In our software DIALux 4.13 no new functions will be implemented.

In case of this faulty Microsoft update, we will not solve the problem in our DIALux software.

However, you can still use our DIALux software without the "My Database" function. You can import luminaires into our software via the normal import of luminaires or simply drag the luminaire file from the desktop or from a folder into our DIALux software.

If you no longer wish to use our DIALux 4 software, our DIALux evo software is a more than adequate replacement.

Here is the download link for our DIALux evo software:

DIALux evo 9.0 patch 4:

In 2021 we will completely replace DIALux 4 with evo, so that all missing functionalities of DIALux 4 such as emergency lighting, video production and sports lighting will be implemented in evo as well.